RiDoc is a program that scans images and saves them as high quality documents
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RiDoc is a program that scans images and saves them as high quality documents.
The program will use your installed scanner, whichever it is, to scan the whole document. After doing that, it will be able to assembly the scanned information in plain text, Word, Open Office or PDF format. You can select just a part of the original scaled document. After performing the conversion, the program will open the associated program, with the assembled document open.

This program allows to preview the scanned information zooming it in or out, from 10% to 400%. It will assembly the scanned information into an image file. It is possible to choose the resolution and format for the image, and save it on your hard disk.

RiDoc allows to print the scanned information. The "Print" button shows a legend in Russian, not English.

RiDoc is a scanning software that ensures scanning and reduction the
scanned documents size without decreasing of image quality.

The trial version of RiDoc can be used for free for thirty days.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It allows to scan an image and save the information on the most popular formats.


  • Some parts of the interface were not translated from Russian.
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